Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potty Stories

#1.  It seems as if all my friends are potty training their kids or are already finished.  We're still working on E. being willing to sit there fully clothed.  However, we did have somewhat of a breakthrough the other day.  In the middle of changing him, I realized I had to go and since my bladder isn't the same since having him, I couldn't waste any time.  So we went to the bathroom together.  E. was intermittently sitting on the potty and roaming around opening cabinets.  At one point, when he was seated, I heard a funny noise.  What is that? I wondered.  It took me a second, but I realized it was the sound of E. actually peeing in his potty.  Hooray.  I praised him and rewarded him with flushing the toilet and washing his hands.  Unfortunately, that has not motivated him to repeat the action.

#2.  E. is a great imitator these days.  He mimics everything from the way we sit on chairs to girls whining at the pool to his Daddy yelling, "Dang It."  So when we found ourselves yet again in the bathroom going potty, he saw me with my hands folded and he folded his, too.  Then he started to mumble some words.  He was praying, knowing that we fold our hands when we pray before dinner. I don't think I've actually prayed on the toilet before but why not?  Maybe I should be using that time to offer up some prayers that E. will get potty trained sooner rather than later.  My nose thinks so anyway.

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