Friday, August 17, 2012

My New Life

So I've taken a little break from posting. In the interim I've had a baby and had another kid turn three.

And boy, has my life changed:

1. I am no longer getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep--or even six, for that matter.

2. I am changing diapers at three in the morning--and the sheets on my bed. I only left A. without a diaper last night for about 2 seconds, but apparently it was long enough for him to pee everywhere.

3. Speaking of cleaning up pee, today E. peed his pants and all over the floor of one of my favorite coffee shops. In the exact middle of the shop. And did I mention it is check-in day for the local college? So there were many witnesses to my humiliation. E. didn't seem to mind though. . .

4. E. no longer takes naps. He has "quiet time," which consists of him playing a little bit and also going to the bathroom a million zillion times. Seriously, it's amazing how many times the kid can go in the span of one hour. It's a talent, really. I predict he will go far in life.

5. Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and was so looking forward to an hour without any kids. I didn't mind waiting for my appointment because I got to read a book. A real book. With chapters. Then the owner of the salon asked when I was due. Six weeks ago is what I should have said.
That's it. I'm not going anywhere without A. for the next couple months.

6. One of my dogs, Pickle, a.k.a. Houdini, jumped the fence and escaped our backyard today. Fortunately he decided not to run into the street and was waiting outside the front door to be let in. Oh, who am I kidding? This is nothing new. You'd think I'd put him on a leash or build a bigger fence, but I am always optimistic he'll be a good dog and stay in the yard. Sometimes I should believe the glass is half-empty.

7. E. told me he loved me (unprompted) for the very first time.

8. A. smiled at me for the first time.

I can't say I love every minute of this new life (i.e. apologizing to the coffee shop owner for my son urinating all over his floor), but I wouldn't trade it either.

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