Thursday, October 13, 2011


I want to learn how to spin and dye my own yarn. That's what I told Dave in the car after we left the Fall Fiber Festival. It was my first time attending and I quickly learned there was a whole world of spinning I did not know existed. I got inspired.

In the car, Dave looked at me like I was crazy when I described the spinning wheel I want (one with two pedals and where the machine's in front, not on the side). Then he promptly told me what my problem was: I want to live in two separate places simultaneously. I want the country farmhouse with chickens and I want to live in a small town in a historic house within walking distance of coffee shops.

I don't consider my dichotomous desires a problem per se. Can't I have chickens in the city? Or maybe someone could open a coffee shop and some retail shops down the street from my 1920's farmhouse. Or, another solution, which I suggested to Dave, is that maybe I am meant to live my adult life in thirds. Right now is the small town part, then I'll live in the farmhouse, and lastly, when the kids are grown, I'll travel the world for the last third. If only I knew how long I was going to live so I could evenly divide them up. . .

In the meantime, I'll have to find someone to teach me how to spin yarn. I can, at least, merge my small town life with my more "hands on" hobbies.

Dave just shook his head and tried to explain to me what raising chickens would really be like. I didn't quite catch everything he said. Something about messy and smelly. I was too busy picturing myself at my spinning wheel with my hand dyed yarn.

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  1. Me too! I want to simultaneously live out on a horse farm, in NYC and travel everywhere. Aaron and I discuss this a lot.