Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka? Latrucka

Everyone warns parents or talks about the "why" phase children go through, the endless quests to find the meaning behind everything.  However, no one told me about the "truck" phase, that every time my son spots a truck on the road, hears the engine of a truck, or imagines there is a truck outside, he must ask, "Truck?"  Only it sounds more like Latrucka?.  He wants someone, anyone, to verify for him that it is indeed a truck.  If said person does not confirm the truck spotting, he will on average repeat Latrucka eight times.  Then two seconds later when another one cruises down the road, the process will repeat itself.  It's better to give in and say, "Truck" with conviction and pray that he hears you the first time so you won't have to say it again, at least not for another ten seconds. 

Who knew so many trucks existed in the world?  Who knew when my son turned twenty months he would notice every single one of them and would require a confirmation of "truck" a million times a day?  Okay, maybe a million is an exaggeration, but not much.

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