Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prank Fail

It’s important to keep a marriage fresh.  Sometimes a date is in order.  Other times call for a practical joke.  At almost five years, our marriage had reached such a point.  I figured that even if he didn’t get a good chuckle out of it, I probably would and laughter, of course, is a key ingredient in marriage freshness.

When Dave was out, I seized the opportunity to sneak into his drawer, pick out a pair of jeans, and tape the bottoms shut.  I was laughing just imagining the scenario.  At 5:30am he would pull on his jeans in the dark and not be able to get his foot through.  “What the heck,” he would grumble uncomprehending in his half-asleep state.  It was going to be fabulous.

And then my full-proof plan hit a couple snags.  The first one was the day after I set everything up, he picked out a different pair of jeans.  Then, the truth came out about just how long he will wear the same jeans.  A whole week!  So I waited and waited.  When the weekend arrived, he set aside those jeans, skipped over the modified jeans, and opted instead for his skinny ones.  So I waited some more.

Finally, Sunday night he was picking out his clothes for work the next day and he pulled out the jeans.  (I had thrown the other jeans in the hamper… a girl can only wait so long). 

“Are these my work jeans?” he asked me.  I answered with a simple yes, but inside my head I yelled, “Yes, for the love of everything wear those!” 

The next unforeseen snag: When packing tape gets handled, it crinkles.  The sound prompted Dave to investigate to see if there was any forgotten cash inside.  There was not.  There was, however, some mysterious tape sticking to the bottom of his jeans.

My loving husband, even while pulling off tape suspected the washing machine and not me!  That was until he heard my evil laughter. 

I guess my pranking skills are a little rusty.  I’ll have to work on them…

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  1. I am so proud of you for maintaining composure for that long though. I am so impressed.