Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blanket Wars

            A couple mornings ago I went into my 17 month old son E.’s room to get him up for the day.  When I first saw him, it looked like he was holding his blanket, which had been crocheted with love by one of his grandmas.  I thought it was cute and that maybe he had decided on a “lovey.”  I wasn’t going to comment on how he had picked a rather large blanket that might be difficult to carry around or the fact that I had placed several small stuffed animals in his crib, any one of which would have made a lovely choice for a “lovey.”  And I’m sure I wasn’t partial to them because I had knit them myself. 
            But, upon closer inspection, I saw that he was not holding the blanket.  The blanket was holding him!  Once upon a time the crocheted holes in the blanket made me feel safe.  I reasoned that if he got it over his head, he would still be able to breathe.  But that day, he did not cover himself with it.  Instead, he had decided to put his hand through a hole as if it were a bracelet and another hole and another and another.   It took me a good while to get them all off. 
            Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking.  Oh, a hole.  I’ll put my hand through.  Oh, a hole…Oh, a hole…My hand is starting to tingle... 
            ? ? ?

            In the interest of not letting him cut off his circulation again, I took the blanket out (sorry Grandma).  I left his other blanket in there, which had also been crocheted (by Grandma’s friend) and had much smaller holes about the size of pennies.
            “Those are too small for him to get his whole hand through,” I thought.  The next morning, I found out, I had been wrong.  The holes were not too small; they could be stretched.  Again, it was wrapped at least seven times around his wrist and left a little red mark.
            “No. More. Holey. Blankets,” I told him.  I will win this.
            It was not over yet.  The next morning, something new was dangling from his wrist.  Really E.?  It was a stuffed elephant that had a plastic ring on the end of its tail.  You pull the ring to play music.  He had gotten the ring over his hand and stuck onto his wrist. 

            Final Score:  E.: 1  Mommy: 0

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